Mini Push Pack™, Bio, TRAINING

Mini Push Pack™, Bio, TRAINING

QSA102 FAC® Training Kits

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P/N: 10108T
Dimensions: 12x3d
Weight: 0.35

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The Mini Push Pack Bio Sampling Pack is a portable, single use, all in one kit that contains the tools and supplies needed to take one Bio sample. Packaged in custom made pouches then wrapped inside a non-slip absorbent liner which can be laid out as a small ground cover. For easy identification each Push Pack is held together by a color coded velcro strap. TRAINING ONLY. Contains: Bio Vial Assembly, 2 mL Disposable pipette, CeBeR Wipe, Macro foam swab, Dacron swab, Micro foam swab, Gauze pad, Large spatula, Micro spatula, Sterile scalpel, Sample collection bag, Piece of Parafilm, 2 part Chain-of-Custody form, Mylar pouch.

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