QuickSilver's Enhanced Incident Response Sampling Kit (IRK) FAC is designed for use by emergency response personnel at incidents where hazardous materials may be present and sample collection is necessary. The kit contains all materials necessary to collect air, liquid and solid samples for chemical and biological analysis, and prescribes detailed instructions to ensure sample integrity.The kit is arranged to allow the user to select the proper sampling package. Step-by-step instructions from preparation for entry into the hot zone through sample transfer to law enforcement are included. The kits are packaged in rugged, portable, water tight cases. All sampling packages and other individual components are designed to be disposable and replaceable. KEY FEATURES: Designed for HAZMAT and other first responders based on proven research for collection of chemical/biological warfare agents. Employs current best practices for evidentiary process control methodology to maintain sample integrity. Used for collection of all sample phases. Meets EPA cleanliness standards. Includes diagrams and step-by-step usage instructions. TARGET APPLICATIONS: HAZMAT-trained technicians. Medical and forensic evidence collection teams. Decontamination teams. KIT COMPONENTS: Air Sampling Package, Biological Sampling Kits, Liquid/Solid Sampling Package, Sample Custody Package, Liquid Module, Solid Module, Wipes Module, Bio Module.

Traceable, supportable CBRNE sampling is dependent upon clean and/or sterile sampling tools. Many times, sampling conducted using these tools is performed in a highly hazardous environment and in others in a non-permissive location.

This kit contains Chemically Cleaned Components. These items have been cleaned and packaged (to preclude cross contamination) and is certified to not interfere with the following: Common chemical warfare agents, precursors, degradation compounds; Representative TICs & TIMs; and all EPA SW-846 Method Semi VOA Chemicals. Test reports by lot number are maintained at QuickSilver Analytics, Inc.

This kit contains Sterile components – and will have a manufacturer designated expiration date or “sterile unless the integrity of the package is compromised.” Certificate of sterility by lot number are maintained at QuickSilver Analytics, Inc.

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