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The RIFF® gunshot residue kit is a compact version of our ISID-1 Instant Shooter ID Kit designed specifically for military, first responder, and security personnel use.  Fast & reliable as a presumptive test.  Over 90% field-accuracy rate through extensive testing / 100% laboratory correlation! Enables Allied Forces, Law Enforcement, and Security personnel to quickly determine if a suspect may have fired a weapon in the field. Can yield initial results in under a minute. The RIFF® kit can not only detect the presence of gunshot residue, but also the presence of TNT (pure, crystalline), Semtex 1-A (90% PETN and 10% plasticizer), COMP-B (60:40 mixture of RDX and TNT), C4, HMX, HNS and propellant from 105 mm artillery shells.  Effective.  Positively identify combatants who may have recently fired a weapon or handled black powder (as when building or transporting explosives) who can then be detained, reducing risk to soldiers, law enforcement, and security personnel. When desired, positive test results can be preserved and delivered to a forensic lab for SEM (scanning electron microscopy) and/or other confirmatory analysis. Confirmation as, for example, when a prisoner must be bound over for prosecution by military or international tribunal.  Easy minimal training required: Simply swipe suspect, saturate swab with solution and wait up to five minutes for results. Blue specks or spots appearing on swab indicate presence of nitrocellulose, a positive GSR indicator.  Portable.  Each kit measures 3.25 x 1.5 inches and weighs less than 5 ounces. Easy for soldiers to carry several units. Hermetically sealed pill-bottle design seals tight to minimize risk of any contamination. Long shelf-life (+ 2 years) means product can be stored and used as needed.  Now GSR detection can be performed on ALL suspects, allowing first on scene personnel to quickly and positively identify combatants who have recently fired a weapon or handled gunpowder.* Training kits may contain expired components. Additionally, they may contain reagents that generate similar but not identical results as compared to the non-training version of the same kit.

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