ISID 2 - CAT 1 Master Pack

ISID 2 - CAT 1 Master Pack

Gun Shot Residue Kits

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Dimensions: 17x8x6
Weight: 3.50

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Sulfuric Acid

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Includes seven sample collection vials:  Left Hand, Back Left Hand, Front Left Hand, Index and Webbing, Right Hand, Back Right Hand, Front Right Hand Index and Webbing Control.  The ISID design incorporates standard sticky-tab carbon tape particle collection devices, which meet the requirements of most State Crime Labs that conduct SEM (Scanning electron microscope) testing for GSR. The ISID is a binary test kit. It contains everything needed to collect GSR evidence from your suspect, both for the investigation (instant field results) and separately for the crime lab submission (evidentiary).  Accurate.  Over 90% accuracy rate through extensive field testing. Allows Law Enforcement to quickly determine who has fired a weapon while in the field. Yields results in five minutes!  Effective.  Results obtained in field yield investigative data. When desired, positive test results can be preserved and delivered to Crime Lab for SEM testing, which can provide evidentiary data.  Easy.  Minimal training required. Simply sticky-tab swab the suspect, place tabs into an evidence envelope, seal with evidence tape and send to the forensic lab. Kit weighs less than 5 ounces and has a long shelf-life. Can be stored in squad car trunk. Affordable.  Cost is a fraction of most tests. Now GSR testing can be performed on a range of suspects, or to analyze a crime scene.  Sandia National Laboratories says:"...statistics show that the first 72 hours are the most critical time for investigation of a crime scene. [This] field-portable test kit will provide the law enforcement community with immediate confirmation of recent gun use and assist in rapidly focusing on key suspects.""...this test has been shown to detect as little as 700 nanograms of nitrocellulose."

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