Wide pH & M8 on a stick, 12/PK

Wide pH & M8 on a stick, 12/PK


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P/N: 10085
Dimensions: 3x8x1
Weight: 0.05

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M8 Paper

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1”X1.5” strips of M8 Paper and Wide back pH paper attached to  6” Wooden sick pre-assembled for expedient characterization and detection applications.

M8 Paper is used as a simple and rapid method of detection and differentiation of three major liquid chemical agents: G (nerve, H (blister), and V (nerve) while the pH paper furthers the characterization capabilities, all in a ready to use configuration.

*Please note: M8 paper is an ITAR-export controlled item and requires an export license prior to shipment to non-United States entities, and/or delivery to any foreign persons. M8 paper is controlled by United States International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR, 22CFR 120-130). It is the responsibility of each individual in control of this item to abide by all U.S. and International export laws.

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