16G Needle, 6/PK - DRSKO

16G Needle, 6/PK - DRSKO

Liquid Sampling

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P/N: 10004
Dimensions: 6x3x0.5
Weight: 0.00
NSN#: 6515-01-558-7024

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16 Gauge, Blunt Tipped Needle. Individually packaged, Cleaned and validated to be free of any chemical contaminants which could mask the presence or give a false positive for chemical agents.

Traceable, supportable CBRNE sampling is dependent upon clean and/or sterile sampling tools.  Many times, sampling conducted using these tools is performed in a highly hazardous environment and in others in a non-permissive location.

This is a Chemically Cleaned Component. This item has been cleaned and packaged (to preclude cross contamination) and is certified to not interfere with the following: Common chemical warfare agents, precursors, degradation compounds; Representative TICs & TIMs; and all EPA SW-846 Method Semi VOA Chemicals. Test reports by lot number are maintained at QuickSilver Analytics, Inc.

US ARMY Nomenclature: Needle, Hypodermic

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