SC1S Kit (Cards) 100

SC1S Kit (Cards) 100

Biological Kits

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P/N: 13500
Dimensions: 4x4x5
Weight: 0.50

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The SC1S is consistent with Part A of the sampling standard ASTM E2458-10 and is provided sterile.  The use of this product for sampling suspicious powders does not constitute compliance with the entire standard unless used in conjunction with additional sampling components such as the QS B2C and S2P Kits, which are fully compliant with ASTM E2458-10 Part A and Part B.  No other warranty is offered or implied.  Minimum order quantity is 1 set of 100 cards.

Traceable, supportable CBRNE sampling is dependent upon clean and/or sterile sampling tools.  Many times, sampling conducted using these tools is performed in a highly hazardous environment and in others in a non-permissive location.

This item is Sterile – and will have a manufacturer designated expiration date or “sterile unless the integrity of the package is compromised.” Certificate of sterility by lot number are maintained at QuickSilver Analytics, Inc.

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