September 14, 2020 - QSA 202 & Certified Clean Vial Assembly (4mL)

Quicksilver Analytics, Inc. is inducting two new products into its already comprehensive catalogue: The QSA 202 and the Certified Clean Vial Assembly (4mL). The QSA 202 is a more compact version of the existing QSA 102. With this new hard case, the end user can obtain three chemical, two biological and one radiological sample in the field. Approximately twenty percent smaller than the existing QSA102, the compact design with also allow users to more easily transport their materials. We are also offering Certified Clean Vial Assembly (4mL) (10/pk) for use in FTIR, Raman, and Sample Transport. These are useful in acquiring downrange analytics and transporting sample. Feel free to inquire about these new products today. 

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